Madeline Stuart, Model With Down Syndrome, Taking Part in New York Fashion Week

February 12, 2016 Updated: February 12, 2016

Madeline Stuart, a model with Down syndrome, is participating in the New York Fashion Week.

Stuart, 18, will walk in the FTL Moda show during Fashion Week on Feb. 15, reported USA Today.



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“I hope through modelling I can change societies view of people with Disabilities,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “Exposure is creating awareness, acceptance and inclusion.”

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that takes place when a person has a full or extra copy of chromosome 21, and they often have slower speech and lower IQ, ABC News reported. They also sometimes are affected in physical ways, including having smaller feet and hands.


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“We always get fantastic feedback from makeup artists, photographers and product companies. She is not pretentious and very focused and down to earth, which I think is amazing as before this she could not get any type of work,” Rosanne Stuart, Madeline’s mother and manager, told ABC in an email. “She has also developed a very outgoing personality and communicates a lot more.”

Roseanne added that her mission is about helping others, showing that people with Down syndrome can live out their dreams.

“Someone on Madeline’s Facebook said they were sick of people calling her a model with Down syndrome. I am not tired of it,” Stuart said, according to USA Todaye. “I am glad they say she is a model with Down syndrome because it is making people aware that if you have Down syndrome, you can still be a model or do whatever you want to do.”