Luxury Porta-Potties – Are You Kidding?

December 12, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Porta-Potties are considered one of those must-haves for any public place or public event but are thought of as a “last resort” by most who want to avoid using them. They are usually considered unsanitary, gross and most times they are lacking a sink to wash up when you’re done. Most people will hold it to avoid using a porta-potty and try to wait till they get home. The good news is that porta-potties are evolving to portable restroom trailers. You’ll no longer hate using public restrooms with the new luxury porta-potties. You can rent these for your own special events or you may see them at public festivals and carnivals. What makes a porta-potty luxurious and where are they found?

The Old Porta-Potty

If you think of the usual porta-potty, you will probably picture a small, cramped rectangular shaped contraption with very little leg room and no sink in sight (like these used in a very unique Christmas light display!) Many have a toilet, a small mirror on the interior, toilet paper and nothing more. You’ll feel rushed hoping that there isn’t a long line of people outside the door waiting for their turn. Once outside, you may see a water pump and soap if you’re lucky, but many times the paper towels are already gone. It’s a gross experience that you will commonly experience at festivals, carnivals, concerts and any other outdoor event. They are typically available during warm weather, outdoor experiences when restrooms aren’t otherwise available.

The New Porta-Potty

The porta-potty has now evolved. You have to check out the luxury restroom trailers featured at special events, family reunions and even weddings (See the extravagant port-potties Chelsea Clinton had at her wedding). They resemble restrooms but are not permanent facilities. They are a portable, luxury solution with much larger sizes, more functionality and they are more sanitary. You’ll see flushing toilets, running water sinks, heating and air conditioning and even porcelain sinks. Some of them have individual stalls and stereo systems inside to feel more like an indoor, public restroom.

Porta-potties have evolved because many people find that they need an alternative option for big events, such as corporate retreats or family reunions, because bathrooms are currently limited. Others might find use for it in a home remodel. Rather than getting a small and limited-in-functionality porta-potty that many are familiar with, people are now opting for luxury porta-potties.

You’ll find options like the “Deluxe Flush” which is a step up from the standard portable restroom offering flushing capabilities and a foot pump hand-washing sink. The “Prestige Restroom Trailer” is another type you can rent, or you may see at a public event, which contains a two-stall room with running water sinks, flushing toilets plus they are heated and air conditioned. They even have four-stall restrooms and large trailers with male and female sides now.

Mobile Offices

Along with public events and outdoor festivities, porta-potties are sometimes used for traveling offices. For example, construction workers need a place to use facilities while they are working outdoors for most of the day. Porta-potties are a great solution but they are typically only single-stall and don’t always have hand-washing options or any of the comforts of being indoors.

Mobile offices are the perfect reason to try a luxury porta-potty. Mobile offices can be seen for not only construction companies but also for the medical and health care industry, security offices, retail and sales offices. A company that has a comfortable restroom facility is going to keep their employees happy and working better. Rather than getting the traditional, small porta-potties, mobile offices would be better off investing in the luxury porta-potties which offer the same comfort and feel of being at an indoor work environment. They can accommodate men and women in one building and more people can use it at one time. They will be a slightly more expensive option but you’ll have more comfortable employees that can handle working longer in these conditions.

Luxury porta-potties are the newest design in portable restrooms that can serve both public and private use. Companies can rent or buy them for their needs while people can also rent them for their private events. Say goodbye to the old, traditional porta-potties and check out the new, comfortable and cleaner luxury porta-potties.