Luxury Items for Condo Living

By Sandra Shields
Sandra Shields
Sandra Shields
November 30, 2016 Updated: November 30, 2016

Most of us would welcome a little more luxury in our lives, especially when it can be easily incorporated at home. The good news is, even if you live in a small space you can still indulge affordably.

Introducing a few luxury items into your condo can add style, comfort, vitality and fun—and will also reflect your personal taste in decor.   

Luxury means different things to different people. Even for the more conscious consumers, luxurious amenities with eco-friendly materials are increasingly being developed to mitigate their environmental footprint.

Here are a few ideas to put on your wish list that can add that touch of luxury to your condo without much fuss or expense.

Living Room

Two design features that can enhance any living room are crown moulding and a fireplace:

  • Crown moulding adds a design element that provides a sense of style. New mouldings are made of polyurethane that are much easier to install than wood, and can be glued directly to the wall. Home building supply stores have many choices and give free advice on installing them.
  • If your condo doesn’t have a fireplace it is easy to add an electric one. A wall-mounted fireplace can be installed in just three steps. The fireplace will complement the look of the room and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
A towel-warming rack provides the simplest of luxuries. (Viacheslav Nikolaenko/Shutterstock)
A towel-warming rack provides the simplest of luxuries. (Viacheslav Nikolaenko/Shutterstock)


A spa experience in the bathroom? Yes, please. A few simple additions—minus the soaker tub if it is not already there—will help to achieve that goal.

  • A towel-warming rack in the bathroom may not sound luxurious but once you’ve tried it you will be hooked. It heats the towels and wraps you up in cozy comfort—so lovely during the cold winter months. 
  • A hands-free faucet that turns the water on and off is worth considering, as is a motion-activated soap dispenser, so you never have to touch anything. They will keep the sink clean longer and might entice children to wash their hands more often—at least until the novelty wears off. 
  • A water-saving showerhead is another good idea. The technology uses pressure to break down the streams of water and creates a fine mist of tiny water droplets. On average these showerheads use 70 percent less water and require less energy to heat the water.
New backsplash tiles will upgrade a kitchen's look if major renos are not in the foreseeable future. (ML Harris/Shutterstock)
A new backsplash is an easy standalone project that will upgrade a kitchen’s look. (ML Harris/Shutterstock)


For the kitchen, the following tips provide easy upgrades and add a bit of that luxe factor.

  • For the aspiring chef or someone who entertains a lot, a warming drawer—an incubator to keep plates and food warm–is a must have. Settings ensure food is ready to serve without being overcooked or dried out. Although on the expensive side, they’re efficient and don’t consume a lot of electricity. 
  • A new backsplash is an easy standalone project that can breathe new life into your kitchen. Tiled and stainless steel materials are on trend, or you could choose a mirrored backsplash, which gives the illusion of more space and adds a touch of glamour.
  • Touch-less motion-sensor trash cans come in almost every size, shape, and colour. With a wave of the hand the lid opens without having to touch the surface, eliminating germ transfer. Maybe not exactly luxurious, but very satisfying and handy to use.
A mural above the bed makes an elegant statement, especially when it blends in with the colour of the walls. (MR.LIGHTMAN1975/Shutterstock)
A mural above the bed makes an elegant statement, especially when it blends in with the colour of the walls. (MR.LIGHTMAN1975/Shutterstock)


When thinking of luxury, the bedroom often comes to mind first: high thread-count sheets, cashmere throws, down-filled duvets, and high-tech remote controlled window coverings. But a few simple items such as an electric blanket, faux fur carpets, or even a full-length mirror would fit this category of luxury for some. A few other ideas:

  • Wallpaper or wall murals create an elegant feature wall. Designs vary from fun and hip to bold and dramatic and provide a main focal point in the room, making it feel sophisticated and elegant.
  • A Sherpa micro plush electric heated throw blanket to cuddle up with while watching TV on a cold evening.
  • A comfy padded bench or footstool to perch on when putting on socks or shoes.

When choosing a luxury item think of how each item will work for you and your lifestyle. Even if you only use one of these suggestions, it’s guaranteed to make you feel spoiled.