Lupillo Rivera Hospitalized: Singer Rushed to the Hospital With Pneumonia

Lupillo Rivera is still recovering in the hospital after a health scare.

UPDATE on SEPT. 11: Lupillo Rivera Dies in Hospital? Nope, Singer is Still Alive, Posts Video Saying Death Report is Wrong

His wife Mayeli initially alerted fans via her Instagram account, saying: 

“I never do these things but today it’s important that I ask you to help us in asking God for the quick recovery of my husband Lupillo Rivera. Unfortunately today he fell into the hospital due to a severe respiratory problem (I cannot give details) but I know he is going to be fine.”

She later said that she was doing some writing as she waited for her husband’s recovery.

Lupillo’s publicist later told TVyNovelas that Rivera was hospitalized in Los Angeles because of pneumonia.

He was having trouble breathing, then he fainted.

He had been feeling sick for about a week but thought it was a common cold prior to that.

The singer had taken medication but it didn’t really help.

Fans have been wishing him a speedy recovery.

“Recuperate fast, Lupillo,” said one. “I send blessings.”

“Lupillo is very strong and has faith, I am sure our good blessings will strengthen him,” added another via Facebook.

“I wish him a speedy recovery and will pray for him,” added yet another.


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