Luke Perry’s Daughter Reveals Special ‘Mushroom Suit’ He Was Buried in, Here is How Much It Costs

By Samuel Allegri
Samuel Allegri
Samuel Allegri
May 6, 2019 Updated: May 14, 2019

Luke Perry’s daughter has revealed that her father had requested to be buried in a biodegradable mushroom suit before he passed away from a stroke on March 4.

Luke’s daughter, Sophie Perry, posted on Instagram that her father, as one of his final wishes, wanted to be buried in a mushroom suit that he had discovered.

The suit is “made of all natural, biodegradable material” and “use no harsh chemicals, preservatives, or processing,” according to, a website where the suits are sold.

Each suit costs $1,500 and comes with a button-up fabric and a face cover, along with a hood. Three different sizes are available.

According to Coeio, the suit comes with mushrooms and other microorganisms that speed up the decomposition process.

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💋In December I went to San Francisco with two of my best friends. One of them, had never never been to California, so we went to show him the Redwoods. I took this picture while we were there, because i thought, “damn, those mushrooms are beautiful.” Now, mushrooms hold an entirely new meaning for me. Any explanation i give will not do justice to the genius that is the mushroom burial suit, but it is essentially an eco friendly burial option via mushrooms. All i can say is that you should all look into them at or just by googling “mushroom burial suit” . My dad discovered it, and was more excited by this than I have ever seen him. He was buried in this suit, one of his final wishes. They are truly a beautiful thing for this beautiful planet, and I want to share it with all of you.

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Actor Luke Perry, before his death earlier this week, had health scares over the past several years, it has been reported.

Perry had a colorectal cancer scare in 2015 when doctors found and removed precancerous growths from the actor.

“If I had waited [to be screened], it could have been a whole different scenario,” the “Beverly Hills, 90210″ actor told Fox News in 2017.

Perry, who died after having a stroke, said he was forced to mostly give up eating red meat.

“I have significantly cut down on the amount of red meat that I eat,” he said. “I used to be like a steak-and-potatoes-every-night kinda guy, now it’s just for special occasions.”

Promotional studio portrait of American actor Luke Perry
Promotional studio portrait of American actor Luke Perry from the television series, “Beverly Hills, 90210,” 1994. (Fox Television/Courtesy of Getty Images)

The actor said he also smoked cigarettes when he was younger, and his character was known for smoking on “90210.”

According to a 1991 profile in the Florida Sun-Sentinel, “He’s smoking a cigarette.” A 1992 article in Rolling Stone said he was smoking a cigarette while doing the interview.

It’s not clear if Perry was still smoking when he suffered the stroke, described as massive by several news outlets, in his Los Angeles-area home.

He is survived by fiancé Wendy Madison Bauer, ex-wife Minnie Sharp, and his two children: Jake, 21, and Sophie, 18.

Sophie Perry on March 5 released a statement on social media about her father’s death.

“A lot has happened in this past week for me,” she wrote on the social media website. “Everything is happening so fast. I made it back from Malawi just in time to be here with my family, And in the past 24 hours I have received an overwhelming amount of love and support.”

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Perry said she appreciates the outpouring of support.

“I cannot individually respond to the hundreds of beautiful and heartfelt messages, but I see them, and appreciate you all for sending positivity to my family and I,” she added. “I’m not really sure what to say or do in this situation, it’s something you aren’t ever given a lesson on how to handle, especially when it’s all happening in the public eye. So [bear] with me and know that I am grateful for all the love. Just, being grateful quietly.”

Epoch Times Reporter Jack Phillips contributed to this report.