Lucky Charms Will Now Include a New Unicorn Marshmallow

February 19, 2018 Updated: February 19, 2018

Lucky Charms will feature a new marshmallow for the first time in 10 years.

General Mills, which produces the popular breakfast cereal, said that the hourglass marshmallow will be retired.

In its place, a new unicorn marshmallow will be introduced.

The unicorn was decided upon through a social media vote after General Mills asked people to vote on which marshmallow they wanted to see next, by using an emoji, reported ABC.

“We decided to introduce a new charm with the help of the keepers of magic themselves—kids. They spoke, and after hearing their love for the magical unicorn, we listened,” Josh DeWitt, marketing manager of Lucky Charms, told the broadcaster.

The new unicorn charm will feature hues of bright purple and blue colors.

The cereal was originally introduced in 1963.

According to People, other shapes have come and gone, including the blue diamond (1975), purple horseshoe (1983), swirled whale (1986), red balloon (1989), pot of gold (1994), and shooting star (1998).

“The hourglass has been a part of Lucky Charms since 2008, but as with any hourglass, its time is up,” a representative for General Mills told the magazine.



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