Loyal Dog that Stayed at his Owner’s Grave for 11 Years Passes On

February 22, 2018 Updated: February 22, 2018

The dog in Argentina who sat by his owner’s grave for over a decade may now finally get to be with his master.

The dog, a German shepherd mix named Capitán, died on Monday, Feb. 19, after struggling with renal failure, Argentinian newspaper La Voz reported. He was about 15 years old.

“The dog had an insufficient kidney that slowed him down since he was 4 years old and for that, he was getting special food that the people at FUPA [Fundación Protectora de Animales] gave him. Sadly, his age and condition got the best of him. We were going to hospitalize him, but he would have died at the veterinarian’s, and so we preferred to let him be and attended to him in the cemetery where he lived and felt calm,” veterinarian Cristhian Stempels told El Voz.

Before his death, the dog had trouble walking and had lost vision in one eye, El Heraldo reported. His struggling kidneys caused him to throw up and he often slept, El Pais reported.

Capitán had been a present from Miguel Guzman to his 13-year-old son, Damian, in 2005. A year later, Guzman died, and Capitán disappeared.

The family assumed that he had found a new family or had gotten hit by a car. But a while later, the family went to pay their respects at Guzman’s grave and found Capitán at the cemetery.

Damian started shouting and the dog came, barking as if he were crying, Guzmans’ widow Verónica Moreno told El Voz.

Capitán followed them back home, but he went back a short while later. He went home occasionally after that, but he kept returning to the cemetery. Starting around January 2007, he stayed there. “Since then, the cemetery is the home of Capitán,” Moreno told El Voz.

What baffled them is how he knew where Guzman was buried.

Guzman died in a hospital in Villa Carlos Paz and his body was then transferred to a funeral home far from the family’s home.

They said they never took Capitán to the cemetery where Guzman was buried, neither after his death nor before.

Héctor Baccega, the director of the municipal cemetery for Villa Carlos Paz, told La Voz that the dog had appeared there alone and had circled the cemetery until he came to the tomb of his owner. “No one brought him there. And that isn’t all. Every day at 6 in the evening, he went and lay down at that tomb.”

“Capitán went around the cemetery with me every day. But when it reached that time, he went to the bottom [of the cemetery] where the tomb of his beloved is.

“That dog gave us a lesson. I believe that humans should appreciate more the memories of those that have left us. Animals teach us such fidelity.”

Cemetery workers didn’t see him walking around the cemetery as they usually did on Monday . Later, they found his body in the bathrooms of the cemetery.

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