Louisville Purge: Officials Call for Social Media Caution After ‘The Purge 2’ Hoax; Ohio, Los Angeles, Philly, New York, Detroit, Chicago Purge Rumors are Fake

August 21, 2014 Updated: June 24, 2015

The “Louisville Purge,” a social media-spread hoax that went viral and was inspired by “The Purge: Anarchy,” was touched upon by local officials this week.

Chris Poynter, spokesman for Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, told 11 Alive: “One lesson is that people really need to be careful about what they say on social media, but we got through it.”

On Aug. 22, there were rumors being spread of a “purges” going on in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, and in other cities. Those are also hoaxes, according to Philly.com.

He said the Louisville mayor said police did a good job in handling the hoax. “We take every threat seriously,” Poynter added.

The high school student who set the whole hoax off on social media sites will not be charged, he said.

“There is a thing called Freedom of Speech, but with that comes a responsibility,” police spokesman Dwight Mitchell said.

The “Purge” films include a future United States where everyone in the country can take part in impunity-free crimes–like murder–without any reprecussions.

The student who started the hoax spoke with a local high school newspaper.

“Originally supposed to be just a fun thing, I never thought it’d get as serious as it did,” he said, according to People magazine. “I was really shocked the first time I saw local media covering it,” he continued.

The “Purge” hoax probably will reemerge on social media sites in the coming weeks, as other posters claimed there will be one in a few cities–like Detroit, Chicago, and also Louisville–on Aug. 31. The previous one had a Aug. 15 date.

AP: ‘Ninja Turtles’ knocks out box-office competition 

NEW YORK (AP) — The reptile reboot “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” held off a trio of new challengers at the weekend box office.

The Paramount Pictures release took in $28.5 million in its second week, besting the Fox buddy comedy “Let’s Be Cops,” Lionsgate’s poor-performing action-hero smorgasbord “The Expendables 3” and the Weinstein Co.’s young-adult novel adaptation “The Giver.”

The top 20 movies at U.S. and Canadian theaters Friday through Sunday, followed by distribution studio, gross, number of theater locations, average receipts per location, total gross and number of weeks in release, as compiled Monday by Rentrak, are:

1. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” Paramount, $28,523,147, 3,980 locations, $7,167 average, $117,765,383, 2 weeks.

2. “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” Disney, $25,115,564, 3,697 locations, $6,793 average, $222,661,385, 3 weeks.

3. “Let’s Be Cops,” 20th Century Fox, $17,813,722, 3,094 locations, $5,758 average, $26,220,986, 1 week.

4. “The Expendables 3,” Lionsgate, $15,879,645, 3,221 locations, $4,930 average, $15,879,645, 1 week.

5. “The Giver,” The Weinstein Company, $12,305,016, 3,003 locations, $4,098 average, $12,305,016, 1 week.

6. “Into The Storm,” Warner Bros., $7,892,239, 3,434 locations, $2,298 average, $31,513,675, 2 weeks.

7. “The Hundred-Foot Journey,” Disney, $7,176,092, 2,043 locations, $3,513 average, $23,686,223, 2 weeks.

8. “Lucy,” Universal, $5,493,685, 2,520 locations, $2,180 average, $107,713,190, 4 weeks.

9. “Step Up All In,” Lionsgate, $2,659,026, 2,072 locations, $1,283 average, $11,808,360, 2 weeks.

10. “Hercules,” Paramount, $2,127,874, 1,475 locations, $1,443 average, $68,169,096, 4 weeks.

11. “Boyhood,” IFC Films, $1,992,448, 771 locations, $2,584 average, $13,642,910, 6 weeks.

12. “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes,” 20th Century Fox, $1,984,776, 1,262 locations, $1,573 average, $201,897,136, 6 weeks.

13. “Get On Up,” Universal, $1,949,295, 1,101 locations, $1,770 average, $27,049,950, 3 weeks.

14. “Magic In the Moonlight,” Sony Pictures Classics, $1,786,150, 964 locations, $1,853 average, $4,616,606, 4 weeks.

15. “A Most Wanted Man,” Roadside Attractions, $1,256,384, 644 locations, $1,951 average, $12,645,062, 4 weeks.

16. “Planes: Fire and Rescue,” Disney, $1,027,609, 960 locations, $1,070 average, $55,723,368, 5 weeks.

17. “What If,” CBS Films, $854,364, 787 locations, $1,086 average, $1,060,219, 2 weeks.

18. “Singham Returns,” Eros Entertainment, $654,045, 127 locations, $5,150 average, $654,045, 1 week.

19. “The Purge: Anarchy,” Universal, $632,910, 575 locations, $1,101 average, $70,127,290, 5 weeks.

20. “How To Train Your Dragon 2,” 20th Century Fox, $579,545, 377