Louisiana Man Charged With Murdering His Mother

March 15, 2018 Updated: March 15, 2018

A man from Marrero, Louisiana, was charged with murder in the death of his own mother, whose body was dumped in a ditch near a highway.

Byron Montgomery, 44, was arrested on March 13 on charges of second-degree murder and obstruction of justice, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department.

Montgomery is accused of murdering his mother, 63-year-old Patricia Davis, with whom he resided.

His mother’s naked and decomposing body was found in a ditch near Interstate 10 in eastern New Orleans on Oct. 31, 2017, Nola.com reported. The New Orleans police said they saw “no signs of any physical altercation” when examining the body.

The New Orleans coroner autopsied the body and declared the death a homicide, but has declined to release the cause of death, Sheriff Lopinto said.

The case had caused controversy in the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office.

Deputies had been sent to the house on Wednesday, Oct. 25 but did not enter.

Patricia Davis, 63, was found dead near Interstate 10 in New Orleans East on Oct. 31. (Facebook)
Patricia Davis, 63, was found dead near Interstate 10 in New Orleans East on Oct. 31, 2017. (Facebook)

According to Nola.com, 911 received two calls at about 10:30 a.m. on that Wednesday. The first call was a woman crying, and was abruptly disconnected. The second call was from a woman whispering the address of the house on Third Avenue.

Deputies saw a woman peering at them through the curtains, but no one answered the door.

Then, according to the report, “Deputies then heard a scream in the house.”

The deputies asked the ranking officer on duty what they should do. Sgt. Christopher Gai told the deputies they didn’t have probable cause to enter the home.

Sgt. Gai was later fired for trying to cover up his role in making the decision not to enter.

While Davis’s surviving relatives suspect Montgomery might have injured his mother that day, police do not believe he killed her then.

Sheriff Lopinto said that an independent witness saw Davis outside of the home on Oct. 27, and Nola.com reports that she communicated with her youngest son, Nigel Davis, of Baton Rouge, via Facebook, on Oct. 28.

History of Abusing Mother

Montgomery, who lived with his mother at her house on 6104 Third Avenue, in Marrero, had a history of domestic abuse, Sheriff Joseph Lopinto announced at a press conference.

Montgomery had been reported by an old girlfriend and had been convicted of second-degree battery on his mother in July 2011.

Davis’s relatives suspected Montgomery was involved somehow from the first time they heard about Davis’s death.

“He never gave any good answers,” Herbert Williams, 62, Davis’s brother and Montgomery’s uncle, told Nola.com.

“He denies it, but his actions say otherwise. Some of the things he did just don’t add up.”

The family wondered why Montgomery never reported his mother missing.

“When I asked him the last time he seen or talked to his mom, I couldn’t get no good answer from him,” Williams told Nola.com in November.

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