Louisiana Kidnapping Attempt Was Streamed on Facebook Live, Suspects Arrested

January 6, 2017 Updated: January 6, 2017

Two Louisiana men were arrested on Sunday for trying to kidnap a man while streaming it via Facebook Live, according to police.

Baton Rouge police say Tony Green, 23, and Keeston Davis, 25, streamed themselves on the social media website opening the front door before trying to pull a man outside, reported The Advocate.

“This incident was documented live and in progress on [Green’s] Facebook page,” an officer wrote in the arrest report, according to The Advocate.

Green and Davis failed to kidnap the man, so they broke the windows of the home and fled the scene. But they later approached the man again and, according to the report, Green allegedly crashed his car into the victim’s vehicle before the two suspects exited.


Green grabbed a hammer and smashed the victim’s car before the two men attacked the unnamed suspect with knives, according to police. A stab wound inflicted by one of the men came “close to hitting the femoral artery” before the victim was hospitalized, Inside Edition reported.

According to KNOE-TV, the victim called police at his home, leading to arrests.

Davis was arrested and faces attempted second-degree murder, attempted kidnapping, and simple criminal damage to property charges.

Green was also arrested, and he faces attempted second-degree murder, attempted kidnapping, aggravated criminal damage to property, simple criminal damage to property, and simple battery charges.