Louie Corbett Retinitis Pigmentosa: 12-year-old to Complete ‘Visual Bucket List’ Before He Goes Blind

March 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Louie Corbett, a 12-year-old New Zealand boy, will soon lose his sight because of the Retinitis Pigmentosa disease.

The rare disease will eventually cause Corbett to become blind, prompting him to draw up a “visual bucket list” to complete before that happens.

Two of Corbett’s older brothers also suffer from the disease. He may lose his sight in as little as several months. 

The Auckland boy wants to travel extensively before that happened.

His bucket list, given to his parents after a request from them, includes going to the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and Empire State Building. He also wants to visit Google headquarters in California.

In addition, the basketball fan wants to see a Boston Celtics game in person. 

“Last year was a hard one for poor Louis,” his mother told CNN. “That’s when he learned that his case was accelerated. (But) this year we’re going to try and fill his world with as many beautiful images as we can.”

For some reason he really got hooked on American basketball. He cares about nothing else. He is really quite passionate about it.”

Corbett’s eyesight faded by 50 percent in the last year alone.

His family is receiving help for the trip, mostly from Warren Casey, the CEO of a US-based software firm.

Casey splits time between Boston and Auckland and is neighbors with the Corbett family. 

Air New Zealand is paying for the airfare, and Casey helped raise more than $25,000 in four weeks.

“It is so touching,” Corbett’s mother said. “People are just so supportive.”

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