‘Lost’ Season Finale Summary, Explanation, and Complaints

May 24, 2010 Updated: May 25, 2010

The "Lost" season finale on ABC brought in millions of viewers eager to see how one of the most-watched shows on television would end.

The "Lost" finale viewers were met with a range of plot twists. The three separate groups of plane crash survivors met with clashing ideals and new chapters to ongoing love dramas, along with epic clifftop battles. Tensions were high as expected, along with the ratings. The unusually high concentration of commercial breaks, however, may have been a little much for the two-and-a-half hour episode.

The advertising department at ABC filled 107 commercial slots for "Lost," creating over forty five minutes of commercials. It seems every major company running an ad campaign in the US jumped on the bandwagon for some time in the spotlight, leaving some industry critics such as Lynette Rice from Entertainment Weekly saying it was a little too much. It is easy to see why ABC created so many spots for ads, since the 30-second time slots were costing advertisers around $900,000, reported EW.

The live action story of plane crash survivors in the South Pacific, has been a major bread winner for ABC since its debut in 2004. The show is based around the ongoing drama of the three main groups of survivors of a plane crash during a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.

The three groups of survivors were each lead by a key character. ABC has named the cliques on the "Lost" island as Jack’s Group, Locke’s Group, and Alpert’s Group. Not only did the show outline the ongoing survival of those on the island, but it also went beyond that to explore how the characters' destinies were already intertwined prior to the crash-landing.

One of the most talked-about moments in the "Lost" finale is the showdown between Jack and Locke. Locke lost his immortality, only to later lose a fight with Jack and Kate, which cost him his life. Another important moment in the story was the discovery of Alpert in the jungle, in good health. For a complete update surrounding the different plot lines in the show, you can visit the official "Lost" site at ABC.go.com.