Lose up to 7kg with the latest chocolate diet

January 18, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Eat your favorite chocolate and lose weight at the same time with the help of this one week choco diet. Also this diet can make you look younger since this diet helps with wrinkles.

Even though this sounds too good to be true to chocolate lovers, this diet really gives results. This type of diet doesn’t look chocolate as an enemy of your body, but as an enjoyment anyone can eat in moderate amounts.

The creator of the diet, Lenny Neiman claims that chocolate encourages faster metabolism, but he also points out that this diet shouldn’t be kept for more than a month, since it excludes a lot of important foods.

Most of the diets completely exclude chocolate, which can often be harmful since chocolate has anti-oxidants, it can be a substitute for vitamins, and it is good against cardio vascular diseases.

Also by excluding chocolate during the diet, most of the time the opposite effect is being created since the cravings for chocolate are usually increased during the diet, which can lead to abandoning of diet plan in most cases.

Chocolate diet is based on intake of chocolate, pastas and similar products, and corn products. Even though all of these are high calorie foods with the right intake one can achieve significant weight loss.

During this diet you need to drink at least eight glasses of fluid a day – water, tea or coffee with milk. Alcohol isn’t allowed in this diet. Natural ingredients combined with water that encourage weight loss are allowed, such as tea spoon with honey or different weight loss supplements.

Follow this weekly diet plan that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner plus one dessert and one tasty snack per day.

Also it is recommended to take at least 30 minute walk every day or any other form of exercise including dance classes, yoga or swimming at least once or twice a week. If you follow this diet for 4 weeks you can lose up to 7 kg, and with proper exercise the results could be even better.

Day 1

Breakfast: 30g of chocolate cereals with milk and one fruit of choice.

Lunch: Specialty bread with one spoon of light mayonnaise, half of freshly cut avocado, and mixed salad

Dinner: 150g of tofu cheese, cabbage, onions, pepper and mushrooms friend with little refined olive oil (you can add a little water if necessary and soy sauce for taste). 

Day 2

Breakfast: 1 bag of chocolate oatmeal with milk and one apple.

Lunch: Any kind of clear soup and two toasts of bread with thin layer of nutella or similar chocolate cream

Dinner: Tuna fish with mixed salad made from one pack of mixed beans, tomato, green salad and onions.

Day 3

Breakfast: 1 bag of chocolate oatmeal with milk and one apple.

Lunch: Take 25g of fresh cheese and 4 slices of ham and mix with tomato, cucumber, celery and green salad. You can use spices of your choice. For dessert you can eat one smaller chocolate bar.

Day 4

Breakfast: Fruit salad made from three different fruits of your choice. One cup of low fat milk or yogurt.

Lunch: Hot dog made with diet bread roll with fried onions and cherry tomato, green salad and of course ketchup.

Dinner: One full meal of any kind with less than 350 calories and small amount of black chocolate for dessert.

Day 5

Breakfast: Two slices of toast with thin layer of nuttela or similar chocolate cream

Lunch: Omelette with two eggs, 20g of low fat cheese and a spoon of spinach. Add green salad and eat one Kit Kat bar for dessert.

Day 6

Breakfast: Chocolate donut

Lunch: Boiled potato with few spoons of baked beans and green salad.

Dinner: Codfish with two baked potatoes (middle sized) and cabbage salad.

Day 7

Breakfast: Make a milkshake from one banana and 2 dl of milk. One apple.

Lunch: Sandwich up to 350 calories. One Mars chocolate bar.

Dinner: Mix one bag of beans with one can of tomato sauce, one onion and one smaller zucchini (or paprika). Shred everything add a bit of salt and pepper and 2 spoons of sweet corn and cook the meal until it softens. Serve the meal with few spoons of rice.

Salty snacks:

– One bag of chips
– One slice of ham with low fat sour milk
– One boiled egg
– One cup of soup
– Two rice cookies
– 30g of popcorn (the less oil the better)
– One cup of milk or yogurt

Sweet snacks:

– One smaller chocolate bar of choice
– Six strawberries with thin layer of chocolate cream
– One munch mellow
– Small amount of black chocolate
– One cup of hot chocolate
– 2 Jaffa cakes or similar chocolate cookies
– Small pack of chocolate milk