Looking Behind the Woke Curtain

May 31, 2021 Updated: May 31, 2021

My son is currently working hard to finish a 15-page paper that is a requirement for his high school language arts class. Imagine if at the end of the school year the teacher announced that in the coming years the 15-page assignment will be changed to only a 10-page essay because they are expecting five new black students in the class. What a shocking and offensive proposal—how belittling it would be toward the black students. The proposed “anti-racist” policy would actually under the surface be a horrendous judgment on the black community.

Let me give you some real-life examples of “anti-racist” policies that under the surface are really racist.

There has been a great ruckus from the Left regarding the new voting requirements in Georgia.  Step back and read under the surface and see the true judgments of those who oppose the requirements. They are the real racists. What they are really saying behind their huffs and puffs is that they really don’t believe blacks have the life skills to obtain an ID and they are not resourceful or responsible enough to get IDs. Blacks should be tremendously hurt by these hidden accusations.

Second, public schools in Virginia are proposing that upper-level math courses should be taken from the school curriculum in the name of equality and anti-racism. Dig a bit under the surface and hear what those in liberal leadership are really saying. “Blacks really can’t handle upper-level math” and “blacks aren’t good at math.” Again, how offensive! Blacks should not tolerate the liberal elite belittling their race in this way.

Last, colleges and universities are giving preferential admission to those of color not based on their academic achievements or community involvement, or leadership, but based solely on the shade of their skin. This is touted as anti-racist policy, but again look a bit behind the curtain and what it is really being said is that blacks as a group aren’t gifted enough to go to college, and they can’t measure up so they have to artificially be given admission. The black community should be offended at being classified as an unqualified group that can’t make it on their own.

These are just three examples of liberal “anti-racist” policies that are actually tremendously racist. The black community should be offended by the real thoughts behind the policies reveal.

While in high school, I had the pleasure of getting to know a young man named Quincy. Quincy was incredibly smart, hard-working, and driven. During his high school career, he aced all the high-level math and science courses as well as AP classes, earning the coveted valedictorian award. After high school, he attended MIT and pursued a career in math and science. Quincy was a son of a bus driver and also was black. The anti-racist policies that are being proposed today in our country would be tremendously offensive to Quincy. Just imagine liberal elites saying: “Don’t worry, Quincy, we won’t require you to take upper-level math courses, we know it’s too hard for people like you.” “Don’t worry, Quincy, we know you aren’t resourceful enough to get an ID so don’t worry about it anymore.” “Quincy, we know you can not really get into college on your own merit. MIT will let you in just because of the way you look.”

Let’s wake up America and recognize the true racists in our country. The black community should no longer tolerate being belittled in such an offensive way.

Heidi Farley