Look Twice at These Famous Logos. What Are They Hiding?

March 15, 2016 Updated: March 15, 2016

Have you heard of FedEx logo with the hidden arrow? There are many more of those playing with a negative space or even hiding subliminal messages. Have a look:



It’s typeface and a picture of a mountain. But look again. Can you see a white bear in the mountain?



The logo for the famous food chain Wendy’s actually contains a subliminal message. Look at Wendy’s collar, and you’ll see the word “mom” to associate the brand with delicious homemade food.


Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors of ice cream, and you can find exactly that number in their logo. 



Sony Vaio’s logo might look simple, but with a deeper look, you can probably see it differently. The letters “V” and “A” symbolize analogs, while “1” and “0,” on the other hand, are binary numbers.



Without telling you what is this logo for, what do you see? A conductor with a baton in the left hand? Or maybe just LSO? The abbreviation of the London Symphony Orchestra? 



This playful logo of the famous cycling competition is hiding a cyclist. Look at the yellow circle, and you will never see the logo the same way again.



The handwriting style of this typeface creates an opportunity to form the iconic Eiffel tower with its two “t’s.” Because, what else can better symbolize France for this French department store?



The Goodwill company is about the good feeling you get when giving to those in need (or also buying items cheaply). You can easily see half a smiling face, which represents that good feeling. But this face is also just the letter ‘g’ of the font.



Can you spot a little pin? After all, the Pinterest website is about pinning your favorite images on your virtual board.



FedEx-logo-bigHave you ever wonder why the letters in Fed ex-logo are so tightly packed? They resemble the speed of this delivering company; the empty space between the ‘E’ and ‘x’ forms an arrow.


network - nbcThere is a colorful peacock looking directly at you.



On Amazon, you can buy everything from A to Z. Just as the yellow arrow shows you.


Playful as a visit to a zoo, this logo has hidden a few animals in its white space. The two most obvious are the profiles of a gorilla and lion.