Longing for Freedom and Democracy, Student Openly Quits Communist Youth League

October 24, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: August 21, 2015 6:53 pm

As overseas support for Chinese people withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) gains momentum, many students have been inspired to quit from the Communist Youth League (CYL). Just before the CCP’s National Day on October 1, one vocational school student openly submitted a withdrawal request to the CYL Committee of his school.

When asked about his motivation in quitting the CYL and the current situation, the student said, “I joined the CYL with a longing for a beautiful future when I was in ninth grade. I have been a CYL member for three years now, but have not seen any progress by the CCP in safeguarding citizens’ fundamental human rights, such as the freedom of association and the freedom of speech. I realized that the CYL is a bureaucracy without any vigor of its own. Of course, without competition or the idea of democracy, vigor is quite out of the question. I was actually forced by my parents to join the CYL. In their eyes, only CYL members could be counted as good children.”

The student added, “The vast information flowing from the internet in recent years has helped me to realize that the Kuomintang Party (KMT) is a truly democratic and advanced political party: from overthrowing the Qing Dynasty and establishing the Republic of China, to the Northern Expedition and unification of China; from fighting the Japanese invaders, to transforming Taiwan into the leader of the Asian “Dragons”; from lifting restrictions on newspapers, to actively promoting democracy and making Taiwan a base for rejuvenating the Chinese nation. I adore Mr. Ma Yingjiu who has won his position as the chairman of the KMT through election, but I dislike Hu Jintao who was anointed by Deng Xiaoping to be the fourth-generation CCP leader. So I decided to put my faith in KMT’s ‘Three Principles of the People’ (namely: Nationalism, Democracy, and Social Well-being) and become a member of the Kuomintang in spirit. I want to quit the CYL, a subsidiary of the CCP, which has caused the biggest polarization of rich and the poor yet still shamelessly labeling themselves as `communism’.”

So I decided to quit the ‘Communist’ CYL that is associated with the CCP before the October 1st National Day, and solemnly submitted my withdrawal request to the CYL Committee in my school. My reason for quitting the CYL is this: the CYL has no vigor, hope, democracy or future. The person in charge of the CYL Committee continues to attack me with the CCP’s usual tricks and forbids me from quitting the CYL.

Is the CYL actually a criminal group? One can only join but cannot quit? I really do not know if the schools are for teaching or for playing politics. So I threw away my CYL membership certificate and published my withdrawal statement on the internet. This should be enough to prove my determination!

The teacher warned me “once you quit, you’ll never be able to join again in the future.” Once I choose to quit, why would I want to join again? It is so obvious how abnormal the CCP members’ way of thinking has become. What is even more disgusting is that when I was visiting the National Youth Palace in July, I just casually talked about Mao Zedong and Jiang Zemin, and then I was forcefully taken to the Beihu Street Police Station in Jiangan District by nearby spies who did not show any identification. I was detained for 15 days under the charge of disrupting social order. I did not realize that there was KGB- like agents in parks as well. Later they realized that I am only a child and there is really no profit they could make from me, so they “leniently” released me.

I sincerely hope that the Chinese authorities and Hu Jintao can truly safeguard people’s fundamental human rights including the freedom of speech, the freedom of association, and rights for a democratic election, and strive for achieving a peaceful reunification of Taiwan and mainland China as early as possible.