New York Q&A: Brooklyn Couples Celebrate 50+ Years of Marriage

February 14, 2012 Updated: February 19, 2012

NEW YORK—Over 400 couples renewed their vows and celebrated 50-plus years of marriage on Feb. 13 at El Caribe Country Club in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, for Valentine’s Day. The Epoch Times asked couples what are the secrets to their successful marriages and when were their happiest moments.

Sara and David Miller, got married in the Year of the Dragon, 60 years ago

Epoch Times Photo
Sara and David Miller (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)

What is your secret to a happy marriage?
David: Being a good companion. It is more important than sex. I’m telling you, I know.

How did you meet?
David: We met in the country and because she danced so well I decided to take interest. I lived in the Bronx, and she lived in Brooklyn. And I thought, ‘My, am I going to go from the Bronx to Brooklyn?’
Sara: And he commuted while going to college.

What has been one of your happiest moments?
David: The first 25 years of marriage was fabulous. The second 25 years was a little more difficult.
We have wonderful friends though who are here with us.
Sara: All WWII veterans.


Edith and David Binn, married 53 years

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Edith and David Binn (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)

What is your secret to a happy marriage?
Edith: My secret is ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.’

Dave: Mine is ‘It is better to be kind than to be right,’ because kindness works and controlling does not. So, we each have our own way of living it up, and we are very compatible.

We go to theater in Manhattan, belong to a group, go to Carnegie Hall, and we also dance three times a week. So, we are together seven days a week.

How did you meet?
Dave: We met at an organization. I was membership chairman, and I talked her into joining. We became very good friends for a few months, and then we started to date. We got married June 1st, 1958. That was eight months after we met. We also worked around the corner from each other … so we went to lunch every day … before we started to date.
Edith: Being friends is the most important.
Dave: Being best friends is the best part of the marriage.

What has been one of your happiest moments?
Dave: Being together and being best friends are our happiest memories, having wonderful children and grandchildren … good health and happiness. We are very lucky.


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Jerri and Sal Sicari (Benjamin Chasteen/The Epoch Times)


Jerri and Sal Sicari, married 59 years, they met in high school, have always lived in Brooklyn

What is your secret to a happy marriage?
Jerri: You have to be really good friends … then you will last for a long time. You also have to work for each other and help each other.

Sal: She says it all.

What has been one of your happiest moments together?
Jerri: When we are at the dinner table with all the family and with our children. It is the best thing.