Little Girl’s Letter Trying to Impersonate Her Dad Is Absolutely Hilarious

May 16, 2016 Updated: May 17, 2016

A young girl didn’t want to wait to see what she had received as a surprise gift.

So she tried to impersonate her dad in a letter to fool her mom into giving the secret away.

Lily wrote the hilarious note, which was then uploaded to Reddit. 

“Dear Wife what Did you get Lily for a surprise again. I forgot. Please Reply here [blank],” she wrote, leaving a large space open.


“Love: Don.”

People on the social media platform were having fun envisioning the mom’s reply.

“Hey dear husband it’s me your wife, I got her an algebra text book like we said, I hope she likes it,” said one.

Added another user: “She almost had me, but no one draws lines for someone to respond on. Kid needs to up her game.”