This procedure which is also known as lipoplasty and at least two other names signifying, fat modeling, suction of fat or fat removal, it is also known as simply lipo. This is basically a cosmetic procedure which is used to extract excess fat from the body. A part of the body that is likely to be targeted by this fat removal process is the back of the arms, thighs, stomach area and the buttocks. Overdoing this procedure can lumps or dents to form on the body and therefore great care is taken to carefully calculate the amount of fat that are extracted.

 But under normal condition this factor will be discussed between the doctor and the patient. There have been claims that up to fifty pounds of fat have been removed from a single patient but these claims are slightly exaggerated. Either general or local anesthesia may be used for this procedure, and there are many factors that has to be considered like the patients overall health, the choice of anesthetic and the total amount of tissue that has to be removed, all of these will play a roll.

It is preferable that patient does not smoke for at least a couple of months before this treatment and they should be as fit as possible. The first experiences with this techniques occurred in 1926 and were conducted by a French surgeon, Charles Dujarier. Unfortunately one of his procedures caused gangrene in the leg of a French model and this caused most people to lose interest in the benefits of this procedure. SmartLipo laser were developed in Europe and they were eventually approved in 2006 by the FDA in the USA.

It was in this time that lipolysis emerged as the preferred method for patients who desired very precise sculpting. These procedures are now done with the most sophisticated tools in the cosmetic industry. Generally patients have the peace of mind that this procedure is safe and very effective for the removal of excess fat. A company named Cynosure manufactured Smartlipo which uses medical grade lasers; these create a light beam that raptures fat cells, melting the fat without any damage to nearby systems.

Any swelling, bruising and bleeding are kept to an absolute minimum, due to the accuracy of the lasers. Such fat cells that has been melted or liquefied are removed with a type of hollow tube, which are very thin and there is no damage visible afterwards and therefore it is very popular both with health professionals and also with patients.  The use of these lasers also help to make the skin firmer in the treated area which are good because lose skin is not a pretty sight and this is generally the result when a lot of fat is removed.

Fortunately this sagging is significantly reduced by the use of the lasers. The laser treatment stimulates the development of collagen and normally the skin tightens up in a couple of weeks so that the skin is smooth and healthy again.  Although this procedure are very successful there are few things that could increase the effectiveness of this procedure, it is preferable that candidates should not smoke, they should be in good health and should be as close as are possible to their perfect weight before attempting this treatment.

Some people think that this is a method of weight loss, but that is not true, the purpose of this procedure is to sculpt the body and to give it a firmer, more attractive shape, but it is not for weight reduction. There are some exceptions, some parts of the body naturally store more fat and the most vigorous dieting and exercising cannot remove that fat and in such liposuction could make a difference, check link to learn more about. Several areas of the body can be treated in the same session just make sure that you discuss your needs with your surgeon.