Linsanity Part Two: Jeremy Lin’s Difficulties Trying to Get into Hornet’s Arena

By Andy Thomas, Epoch Times
September 12, 2015 Updated: September 13, 2015


Former Warrior, former Knick, former Laker, former Rocket, and now current Charlotte Hornets point guard, Jeremy Lin has had his share of fame and in the same, difficulties, traversing the wonderful world of the NBA. 

Lin, who grabbed significant attention rising from free-agent pick up and bench rider at the New York Knicks to spotlight starter in the “concrete jungle” to and through the 2011 playoffs has plummeted in stature ever since, and what many insiders say is rooted in a “confidence problem.”

Now it appears the confidence even extends to walking into his own building and organization.

Lin took to Twitter on Saturday after having trouble convincing Charlotte Hornets security that he was actually a player saying, “Went to the Hornets arena for 1st time and tried convincing security im a player. She said, “what team?!?” lollll #everywhereigo #literally“.

It appears the press conference Hornets General Manager, Rich Cho, held in July announcing Lin’s signing with Charlotte didn’t receive the minimum airplay needed for the city of Charlotte to become aware of him becoming an addition to the team family.