Lindsay Bien-Aime, Unruly Air Passenger, Arrested for Talking on Cell Phone

June 25, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Lindsay Bien-Aime, a US Airways passenger, was forcefully removed from a flight after she refused to turn off her cell phone over the weekend. She unleashed a profanity-laced tirade against TSA officers and flight attendants when they asked her to leave, which was captured on video.

A video captured the 21-year-old woman hysterically screaming when TSA agents and flight attendants tried to remove her after they told her to put away her cell phone.

She was on a North Carolina-bound flight from the Fort Lauderdale airport, reported WCNC-TV.

Bien-Aime cursed at the agents and attendants in front of her young son after they told her she would be arrested unless she left the plane.

After the confrontation, officers placed handcuffs on her and took her out. She was charged with battery of an officer and disorderly conduct.

“I will hold up this whole [expletive] plane,” she said in the video.”I don’t care where people gotta go.”

“You better not touch me,” she later told the officer and flight attendant when they told her she could be removed. “What have I done?” she also repeatedly asked.

A police report states that she kicked an officer in the groin, yelled profanities, and scratched them, according to WCNC.

“Are you kidding me?” the male officer can be heard when the woman resists arrest. “You’re unbelievable, woman,” the officer then told her after she was handcuffed.