Lincoln Tunnel, FDR Drive Protest: NYC Ferguson Protesters Block Traffic Near West Side Entry (Photos)

November 25, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A number of New York City protesters who disagree with the grand jury’s decision on allowing Ferguson police officer  Darren Wilson attempted to block the Lincoln Tunnel. They moved on to block FDR Drive.

It appears the protesters moved away from the Lincoln Tunnel. Later, protesters attempted to close down the FDR Drive. Protesters then moved to the Manhattan Bridge.

A heavy New York City Police Department presence has been seen throughout Manhattan.

Last night, a number of protesters attempted to block or “shut down” several bridges but were eventually dispersed.

Some reports indicated that the center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel was temporarily closed.

Others indicated that some of the protesters were heading to Union Square.

One person tweeted about the scene: “Riot helmeted NYPD blocking the entrance to the Lincoln tunnel on ramp on 34th for some reason.”

FOX-5 reporter Dan Bowens also wrote on Twitter: “Protestor(s) may be heading to LincolnTunnel — this could get complicated very quickly #rushhour.”

Story is developing…