Lin Feng: Chinese People Worldwide Are Watching HK

August 23, 2004 Updated: August 23, 2015

Renowned Chinese critic Lin Feng recently returned to Hong Kong from New York to support Zheng Jinghan’s legislative bid. Lin said that he represents overseas Chinese in furthering democratic developments in Hong Kong.

Lin Feng said that since last year’s great march on July 1st, he’s been following the latest developments in Hong Kong and knew that freedom of the press had been severely curtailed, and that members of the underworld had been enlisted to threaten “well known, outspoken hosts” and citizens.

He said he has been keen to return to Hong Kong, so he came back while Zheng Daban and Tao Junxing are running for the legislative election. He believes both men have independent judgment, and similar long term views.

Lin Feng believes that, due to the influence of Western humanism and human rights, people in Hong Kong take human rights and freedom seriously. In his opinion, people in Hong Kong wouldn’t go marching in the streets if the central government implemented everything according to the Basic Law because they are pretty rational people. He also pointed out that people in Hong Kong would persist in their struggle for democracy and freedom, even though their voices have been suppressed recently.

Finally, Lin Feng said that Chinese people around the world are all watching Hong Kong. His presence in Hong Kong this time also represents those overseas Chinese who support the development of democracy in Hong Kong.