Limitless Racing Latest Grand Am Rolex Audi R8 Team

April 7, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
The #08 Limitless Racing Audi R8 Grand Am should debut at the Rolex Series New Jersey race in July. (
The #08 Limitless Racing Audi R8 Grand Am should debut at the Rolex Series New Jersey race in July. (

Limitless Racing, newly created by Dr. Jason Lee, will be joining the Rolex ranks with a GT-class Audi R8 Grand Am later this season, with plans to run a full season in 2013.
SCCA vet Elivan Goulart has been signed as the first driver; his co-driver has yet to be named.

“The crew we’ve gathered have shown great attention to detail during the long hours they’ve spent preparing the car, and I feel strongly that their focus will be a competitive advantage to deliver results,” team owner Jason Lee said on the website. “Elivan is a great mentor, team manager and a talented driver. He does a great job at managing the team efficiently and smoothly.

“I would like to thank Ademir [chief engineer Ademir Fedumenti,] Sascha Pilz, [Engineer for Audi Sport Customer Racing] Brad Kettler [Kettler Motor Werks], and Andrea [Santilli, Audi Marketing Specialist]. I also want to thank Audi Sport for their technical and organizational support,” Lee said. Audi will provide the team with tech support at the track, as it does for Oryx Racing and APR Motorsports, which also race the new R8 Grand Am.

31-year-old Elivan Goulart started in karts at age 12, moved up to Formula cars, wining the SCCA National Runoff Championship two years in a row, then to Formula SCCA. Last year Goulart won the 2011 SCCA Spec Miata National Championship, NASA’s 25 hours of Thunderhill, and the SCCA President’s Cup award, as well as being named North East Division Driver of the Year.

Chief engineer Ademir Fedumenti is Goulart’s father.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of a new team and start on the ground floor of building something that is literally limitless,” Goulart told the website. “I look forward to the challenge of building a new team from the ground floor to eventually top of the podium. Jason is a huge fan of racing and the driving force behind the team. He is providing us the tools to build a great team with amazing potential.”

“My father and engineer has been by my side throughout my entire racing career, and to have him here brings me great confidence in the success of the team,” Goulart concluded.”

The team’s target is to debut at New Jersey Motorsports Park on May 13, Indianapolis Motor Speedway on July 27, Watkins Glen on August 11and the season closer at Lime Rock Park on Sept. 29.