Lil Za Can Still Live with Justin Bieber Following Drug Arrest

January 19, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Lil Za can still live with pop star Justin Bieber, the singer said following Lil Za’s arrest for possession of cocaine.

Police officers arrested Lil Za while conducting a raid on Bieber’s home last week. They were searching for footage that would help make the case against Bieber in an alleged egging incident against a neighbor. Part of the raid turned up a security system, which they dismantled and seized.

Another part caught Lil Za with cocaine.

Za was released from Lost Hills Sheriff’s station late on Tuesday night, after posting $70,000 bail.

Sources told TMZ that Bieber has conveyed an open pass to Lil Za, who came to Los Angeles from Texas.

The sources said that Lil Za has no intention of leaving.

As for other friends of Bieber who live or hang around the house, TMZ claims that “we’re told most are running for the hills — because they think they’d be big fat targets if the house gets raided again.”

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