Lil Wayne Dies? Death Hoax Pops Up Again

January 8, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Lil Wayne has not died, but another death rumor is proclaiming his death.

The rumor spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter over the past two days.

“LIL Wayne found dead this morning #R.I.P#2014,” wrote one user. 

Added another: “And yet again there’s a rumor going around that Lil Wayne died. This is like the 8th time this is happening within the past 3 years lmfao.” 

“I’m starting to think Lil Wayne is half cat. He’s died 5 or 6 times already,” another wrote.

Two weeks ago, another rumor spread on Facebook and said Lil Wayne died. It showed a video retrospective, indicating that he died. 

Last year, Lil Wayne was involved in a health scare when he was hospitalized for seizures. The rapper later revealed that he’s “had a bunch of seizures” in his life.