Like a Fairy Tale: Beautiful Friendship Between Dog and Fox

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times
December 8, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Sometimes the simplest and most honest moments can affect bigger things. The story, as if from a fairy tale, happened one unexpected day in the Norwegian woods, when photographer Torgeir Berge was walking his dog Tinni.

As Berge and Tinni were walking, suddenly they were joined by wildfox. What could have been a harrowing scene, wasn’t. Instead, the fox (soon dubbed Sniffer) decided Tinni was best friend. Luckily, Berge captured this unusual pair on film.

The amazing story of the unlikely friendship quickly spread across the internet. Berge wants to use the story as an example of how easily differences can be erased by real friendship.

Next year, Berge and author Berit Helberg will release a book featuring Berge’s photography of Sniffer and Tinni enjoying each other’s company. It will be a collection of short stories about their friendship perfect for children or anyone who enjoys a real-life fairy tale.

The book also includes a lot of facts about foxes as part of the aim of the books is to help fight against the fur industry. Some of the proceeds from sales will be donated to an organization that opposes the fur industry and fights for the protection of animals.

“This is something both the author and the photographer agrees on,” says Helberg.  

More about Sniffer and Tinni book here


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