LG Gram: The New MacBook Has a Proper Competitor

By Weston Lanpher
Weston Lanpher
Weston Lanpher
October 19, 2015 Updated: October 19, 2015

So you may have heard of Apple and their fancy new laptop called the new MacBook. It’s incredibly thin and beautiful and comes with the fantastic Apple build quality so you know people just had to have it. However, Apple isn’t the only one who can make thin, beautiful laptops. LG is joining the game with a new line of laptops called the Gram. It promises a few different sizes with some varying internals to suit your various needs but let’s talk about the 13 inch Gram.



The Gram is a sleek device, no doubt. It feels and looks quite familiar; unfortunately, this is to its detriment. While Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on design, the Gram is just too similar. The aluminum shell, the way the keyboard is laid out and shaped is all Apple. However, if you want a stylish laptop that runs Windows, you can’t have the Apple MacBook so the Gram might just be perfect for you.

Happily, the Gram has more than just the one port. It has a USB port and various other ports that normal laptops would have so you can have the sleek, thin design and all the normal functionality. The keyboard is spacious and easy to type on so you can write for many hours without too much issue. Coupled with a reliable trackpad, the Gram could easily be a daily use laptop.

What It Does


The Gram actually marks LG’s debut in the Western laptop market so they can’t just rely on looks so they made sure to pack it with some excellent internals. It’s got a great display resolution and it reaches from edge to edge; tiny bezels are always great on any device and the Gram proves it to be true on laptops as well. It also comes with various options for processors and RAM so you can pick the set up you need; whether it’s just a mid range daily usage machine or a top of the line video and photo editor, the Gram comes in a flavor just for you.

The Gram comes with Windows 10 which is Microsoft’s best attempt at an operating system since Windows 7. All of the compromises and issues with Windows 8 and 8.1 are gone and even the borrowed features are smooth, streamlined, and quite useful. Windows 10 is continually being upgraded and refined so expect the usability to increase even more so over the next year. All in all, the Gram is a solid first attempt by LG.

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