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The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
June 1, 2021 Updated: June 1, 2021

I never cease to be amazed at the intelligence and ability of many Americans, and with the advent of The Epoch Times and the letters from readers’ pages, I am more impressed than ever.

Being an immigrant of over 54 years and having worked in industry here, I have experienced many changes in all facets of my life. My children have largely grown up here, and we now have grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Of course, we are all true Americans since our naturalization many years ago. There is no other country with which I am familiar that compares with America. Having watched, as a boy in England, the convoys of lorries carrying young Americans through our village to go to fight and die against Nazism, I am today very concerned about where we are headed.

Some of the recent Epoch letters I have read have cemented my thoughts regarding the serious, rapid changes that have come upon this country, and my lifelong fear of both imperialism and Godless communism leads me to believe that we all should speak out against the efforts of those that seem to prefer such negativities to freedom.

Yet I wonder, where are all the young, powerful minds that should and must be concerned about their own futures, and the future of their children? The imploring letters in the Times are obviously written by somewhat older, more experienced citizens who have lived through what I term “the halcyon days of America.” Are such days forever behind us?

And what are the expectations of today’s socialist’s et al.? Are they happy in the thought of their children living under the yoke of communism or at worst a totalitarian dictatorship? Do people not realize what path this country is now on? Ah, too many awkward questions from an old man.

But my worries are not for me—they are for MY family, as well as the families-to-come of all Americans.

Thank you, not only to The Epoch Times but to all the great citizens who write such cogent, understandable letters for us all to read and consider. You give us hope for the future of this most wonderful country!

God Bless America!

George Vardy


The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn