Letter to the Editor: June 4, 2020

June 5, 2020 Updated: July 9, 2020

Domestic Terrorism

Everyone I know was horrified by the video showing the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis. Former New York City policeman and Secret Service agent Dan Bongino explained, from a law enforcement perspective, why this incident was so awful. 

Unfortunately, the brief period of national unity, where everyone agreed that this death was wrong, was destroyed by a group of thugs who just had to turn peaceful protests into riots with looting. There are videos circulating online of reporters claiming the protests are peaceful while buildings burn in the background.=

This is domestic terrorism. The instigators must be tracked down and punished.

Bill Hough

Conrad Black Editorials

I am a new subscriber to The Epoch Times and so happy to find a voice of reason and truth. I live in the California Bay Area and our media outlets are all biased and left leaning. So The Epoch Times is a breath of fresh air, especially the editorials by Conrad Black. I have read some of his writings in the past in The Wall Street Journal, but to have them weekly in The Epoch Time is a real treat. I have begun sharing them with my friends and urging them to subscribe. His view is so different from what I can get from local media, yet it is what I think is honest and realistic. I look forward to reading his column each week. Thanks for The Epoch Times!

Bill Baker

What the CCP Virus Has Taught Me … Americans Are Overtaxed

  1. State/federal workers are working out of their homes. Why are American citizens being forced to pay for state/federal buildings via taxation? At least 90 percent of those buildings are “non-essential” and can be sold.
  2. A thriving, untaxed underground economy has developed. Obviously, the state of  Pennsylvania (where I live) is surviving quite well without this tax revenue.
  3. Government schools are non-essential. Parents are noticing a HUGE improvement in attitudes with most (or at least one-half, according to recent studies) wondering WHY government school lasts so long on a daily basis. Parents are learning they have what it takes to homeschool. So, by these recent studies, at least one-half of the government schools need to be shut down, with closed government school buildings sold. This means I will be able to take my grandchildren to Europe at least two times a year or visit other states five times a year with the money [previously] stolen from me via taxes. Those parents that desire to see their children/grandchildren indoctrinated at government school can do so and be taxed [while] the rest of us experience tax relief [and] take responsibility for the education of our children and grandchildren.
  4. True education happens IN the home and NOT at government schools. This has occurred with homeschooling curriculum thrown together on the spur of the moment. Parents can do a much better individualized curriculum for their students.

The Bible says God’s tax is only 10 percent (the tithe). So why do the civil federal and state governments claim to be more important than God? Idolatry? Violating the First Commandment? The Bible says civil tax should only be used for defense (police, military, fire, etc).

Hmmmmmm … maybe it is time to rethink how Americans are taxed and take appropriate action.

Beverly Schmitt, MSW
The Homeschooling Grandma

Hong Kong

As I sit here in my home relatively safe and secure in Canada, I cannot help [but shed] tears that come from my heart seeing the CCP literally killing freedom [not only] in Hong Kong, but also in Victoria, Australia, whose premier signed a deal with the CCP for its Belt and Road Initiative, and in the way Drew Pavlou is treated by the University of Queensland.

Being born in Hungary in 1955, just a year before the Soviets invaded the country, I understand what is at stake. This time, it is worse. The CCP does not play by the rules in regard to the international community. Some say the CCP does care about international reactions, but to be frank, I do not think so. It goes ahead invading other countries’ borders without any thought. It is acting insanely.

I ask the free world’s leaders not only to talk but act urgently before it becomes unhandleable to contain world security.

Steve Dolesch
Gatineau, Québec, Canada

Special Needs Students

In regard to an article that appeared in your excellent publication, The Epoch Times, I wish to comment on an important part of the story you left out (“Special-Needs Students’ Parents, Educators See Silver Lining in School Shutdowns,” appearing in the May 21–27, 2020, Southern California section).

A little background first: I am the founder and CEO of School Transportation News, a monthly magazine dealing with all aspects of yellow bus transportation, including special needs transportation. In fact, we sponsor a five-day annual conference titled “Transporting Students With Disabilities and Special Needs” that is held in the Dallas area.

Specifically, you left out of your article the importance of the Individualized Education Program (IEP). The IEP is required by federal law for every child in the United States who qualifies and has a recognized emotional or physical. These protections are mandated by the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which was last reauthorized by Congress in 2004. In brief, it describes how a school district must provide educational services tailored to each individual child, including the related service of transportation.

Newly created online videos and fun physical activities, as your article highlights and that may be part of Bradley’s IEP, may be an important part of the answer, but not all. After all, there are approximately 7.1 million students eligible under IDEA in the U.S., as of the 2018–2019 school year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. That is 14 percent of all public-school students!

Questions that seek answers during the current pandemic are: How do schools comply with the IEP requirements during the shutdown? What about after the lockdowns are lifted? Will schools return to normal operation? How will transporters provide service to special needs children, to say nothing of regular ed students? Will students be required to practice social distancing, both at school and during transportation to and from school?

Cordially yours,

Bill Paul

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