I Wish I Could Vote for Dick Roberts

October 27, 2015 Updated: July 9, 2020

I wish I could vote for Dick Roberts.

I, unfortunately, do not live in District 2 – Town of Mt. Hope that will have the privilege of voting for Richard K. Roberts, for Orange County Legislator, District 13. I certainly wish I did! I would love to have someone represent my interests/concerns rather than have a legislator controlled by the Republican machine. Dick Roberts will add his voice for the same accountability and integrity that some Orange County legislators have struggled to provide for us. He will be a voice of reason and have the agenda of the people as his priority.

Mr. Roberts is supremely qualified for the position. He is educated, has twenty four years of governmental experience and a life long commitment to community service. His qualifications and credentials are too voluminous to list in this Letter to the Editor but can be accessed on his Facebook page. (Dick Roberts )

Suffice it to say, Dick Roberts is the only logical choice for voters interested in a legislative representative who will act for his constituents rather than the Party bosses. Vote for honesty, integrity and for a legislator who supports a county owned and run Valley View Nursing Home. Port Jervis, Deer Park & part of the Town of Mt. Hope, Vote for Richard K. Roberts on November 3rd!! I certainly wish I could.

Mary Ann McDonough
Otisville, N.Y.

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