Let It Goat Game the Next Flappy Bird? SkyVu Game From Jack & Jack Extremely Popular

The Let It Goat is extremely popular despite just being released on July 2.

The game, which riffs off of “Let It Go” from Frozen, is somewhat similar to the hit game Flappy Bird.

The side-scrolling game has players controlling a goat that runs and jumps over obstacles. If you miss, you die.

Besides some of the design elements being similar to Flappy Bird, the game is also pretty hard to play.

Funny enough, the game was designed by two high school interns.

“A simple endless 8-bit runner game that the team could produce in approximately 8 weeks,” SkyVu CEO Ben Vu told Venture Beat.

“The young interns brought an incredible amount of new ideas for the game and through our collaborative process we came up with a very catchy but simple story.”

The students, Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson, are popular online as Jack & Jack, bearing more than a million followers on Vine.

Let it Goat - screenshot thumbnail

Vu said things are indeed going well.

“We’ll see if the game sticks but things are looking good so far by the thousands of tweets and 2,000-plus reviews that are almost all 5 stars,” Vu said.

“The feedback from fans is almost identical to what we saw with Flappy Bird. Our Battle Bears games even got a nice uptick in downloads thanks to the high traffic from Let it Goat. We didn’t think the game would do this well and are excited about making new updates and building out this new intellectual property further. We believe the wacky casual nature of the Let it Goat sits nicely next to our established Battle Bears franchise.”

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