Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Apologizes to Lady Gaga Following Golden Globes Encounter

January 13, 2016 Updated: January 14, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly apologized to Lady Gaga after an awkward encounter between the two went viral.

At the Golden Globe Awards, Lady Gaga went toward the stage to accept an award and had to pass by DiCaprio.

He was facing the person next to him, and apparently laughed at a joke. But the way Gaga brushed by him, it seemed she may have thought he was laughing at her.

According to Radar Online, Gaga’s fiancee Taylor Kinney approached the actor after the show and told DiCaprio he expected him to apologize to Gaga.

And a source later told Radar that DiCaprio did decide to do so. 

“Leonardo made good on this later that night, when he apologized to her and Taylor at the CAA after-after party at the Sunset Tower Hotel,” the source said. 

“They all partied there all night long and laughed it off.” The source claimed Lady Gaga was happy in the end for all the publicity.

DiCaprio told reporters after the incident that he “didn’t know what was passing me.”