Legoland Announces Goshen Welcome Center Location

September 28, 2016 Updated: September 29, 2016

Legoland announced the location of its future New York Community Welcome Center. The center is set for 6 North Church St., in Goshen. Legoland officials plan to open the center within two months from the Sept. 26 announcement. One of the aims of the welcome center is to give people a chance to learn about the plans for the future Legoland park.

“Our welcome center will give everyone a place to come to ask questions and learn more about our park plans. We want people to understand all aspects of how we will operate this park and see that we are 100 percent committed to be an exceptional, environmentally conscious, and positively impactful neighbor in Goshen and Orange County,” said Legoland New York head Phil Royle.

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