Legend of Korra: Book 4 Details Revealed; And Season 4 Confirmed Following Season 3 Finale

Legend of Korra will have a Book 4 and new details have been revealed.

Co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino confirmed back in July that Book 4 will be happening.

And co-creator Bryan Konietzko told IGN recently that season 4 “is essentially done.” They’re working on post-production for the rest of the year.

Book 4 will include a new villain that is not a spirit or a Red Lotus member, while the Airbenders will take on a peacekeeping role similar to the Jedis in Star Wars.

It was also revealed that Zaheer was a master martial artist and professional fighter before being imprisoned.

The shift to digital-only didn’t indicate a cancellation, because the show was doing so well online. Konietzko noted at Comic-Con that the numbers were good on TV for the first couple season but the online numbers “were just insane.”

Season 4 will likely be digital-only as well.

The unofficial Korra Tumblr blog says that Book 4 will be 13 episodes long and will be animated fully by Studio Mir.

Book 4 will be the end of the Legend of Korra.

A premiere date is not clear yet, but can be projected using the premiere dates for previous seasons. Season 1 premiered in April while season 2 premiered in September and season 3 premiered in June. The cycle could land season 4 back in April, or in June, but it’s likely it will be either in one of those months, or May.

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