Learn How To Relax in the Evenings: 5 Easy Ways to Make You Feel More Secure in Your Home

December 23, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Even though the figures for reported break-ins and burglaries seem to be falling, there is still a frightening amount of burglaries reported. According to the latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics there were over 400,000 burglaries in 2012, which equates to 2 in every 100 households. It is foolish to pretend it will never happen to you, and in fact, millions of women  feel insecure in their own homes; particularly those who live alone. Home security can cost a fortune, but it is possible to make yourself more secure in your property, even if you can’t afford the best security measures available. Here are some ways you can improve your security, and feel safe without spending a fortune.

Home Check

One of the best ways to make yourself feel secure is to make sure that your property is locked up tight when you are at home. Every night, before sitting down to relax or going to bed, you should get into a routine of checking that your windows and doors are all shut and locked. This simple act will make you feel safer, as you know that nobody can enter your home without having to break a window or force a door; either of which will alert you to a possible break-in. Having a realty company when buying your home that knows the area is important. For example, http://www.hotwaterdownhomes.com/ specializes in a certain area rather that a giant metropolis and can have you in the safest neighborhood in no time.

Access Control

Access control is basically ensuring only those that you want to enter your property can, and the starting point is making sure that your windows and doors are fitted with the best locks that you can afford; but perhaps you would like to take it a stage further and fit a more specialist access control system.  Visiting a specialist site like metrolocks.co.uk will open up a whole new world of access control that will make you feel that only you can decide who enters your home.


Being able to view the access points in your home is a great way to calm down some jittery nerves; and if you hear a noise at your front door or bedroom window, being able to look at the area without opening either could be a life saver. With CCTV fitted at your entry points, you can simply change the channel on your Tv to see if there is anything wrong. No longer do you need to hide behind a pillow and hope for the best; with CCTV you can be pro-active and contact the authorities if you need to.


If you live alone, the comfort of a canine companion can go a long way to soothing any nervy moments. You do not need a big dog to help you feel better, as even a small dog can give you comfort. Of course, a big dog will make you feel protected, but small dogs are often a great early warning system; though it must be said that false alarms could cause you a few nervous times. Obviously a dog will also become a great friend, which will also relax you in the evenings.

Panic button

Even with the best security in the world, you could still need to get in contact with the police or a security company, and a panic button is a brilliant way to combine immediate contact and a psychological way to feel secure. The simple presence of a button that will bring help quickly and efficiently is the perfect way to increase your feel good factor in your home.  Of course, employing a company to respond will cost money, but this could be the perfect option if you don’t mind the added expense.

You may believe that you can handle any situation or confrontation, but the myth of the superwoman has been exposed, and knowing how to get help you need, will make you feel happier in your property. These simple ideas for home security will make cuddling up on the sofa to watch a favourite movie (even a “slasher”) a happy time, and your nights peaceful. For a better life, take some advice, and learn how it feels to be secure.