League of Legends: New Champion Vel’Koz Gets Trailer

February 22, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

“League of Legends” maker Riot Games released a teaser trailer for a new champion, Vel’Koz, known as the Eye of the Void.

“Vel’Koz has come to Runeterra. Witness the first moments as he makes his way to the Fields of Justice,” a description for the champion reads.

Vel’Koz can be played in the game’s Public Beta Environment to test out his abilities, which are listed on the game’s Wiki page. 

The character gets initial health of 456, attack damage of 51.7 (+3.14), and health regeneration of 4.5.

“Vel’Koz absorbs knowledge and accrues understanding through a multitude of tests and scans,” according to a game manager. “Unfortunately, those very tests, while extremely productive for Vel’Koz, have a tendency to utterly destroy his subjects.”

Last month, it was revealed by Riot that 67 million people are playing “League of Legends” each month.

“Players continue to make League of Legends the most played video game in the world with: 67 million playing every month, 27 million playing every day, and over 7.5 million playing at the same time during each day’s peak play time. That’s a lot of Teemo kills,” Riot said on its website several weeks ago.