League of Legends 2: Season 4, LCS 2014, Has Begun

January 14, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

League of Legends 2 off-season is over, and season 4, also known as LCS 2014, has begun on Tuesday.

The Europe LCS teams return to Summoner’s Rift for a three-day long gauntlet of grueling competition, according to the game’s website. 

On January 17, North America LCS teams enter a similar competition at Riot Games studio in Manhattan Beach, California. That’s 32 matches over six days of competition.

“These first six days of competition will set the tone for the entire spring split. Every team has a chance to start out at the head of the pack right from the start or else suffer by playing catch up in the coming weeks,” wrote Michael “Gilean” Mooridan in a blog post

“The off-season, perhaps one of the most exciting and active off-seasons in the history of esports, has finally drawn to a close,” he said. “Rosters have been solidified. Professionals have picked up their lives and relocated across the seas. Two continents have settled the score in a narrowly won (or lost) head-to-head grudge match. Most importantly, teams have either secured a spot in the LCS or gone home to ponder their futures.” 

Viewerships have been climbing over the seasons of the increasingly popular esport, with 32 million people watching the Season 3 championship. Tickets are available to watch matches in-person, or live-streams are available on Riot’s website.

Changes were made to the game prior to this season, including changing the income, levels, and impact for the support role and jungler position.

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