Leader of Swedish Populist Party Threatened With Decapitation by Internet Message Said to Be from ISIS

September 8, 2018 Updated: September 8, 2018

Just days before Sweden’s fateful Sept. 9 election, the leader of Sweden’s leading populist, anti-EU party “SD” has been threatened with decapitation, along with his four-year-old son, unless he steps down immediately.

The letter bearing the ISIS flag, addressed to Sweden Democrat (SD) leader Jimmie Akesson, made its way across the internet, and it was unclear where it originated. It opens with the “Basmala” prayer, in Swedish, followed by a very chilling message that cuts through the internal Swedish PC dialectic with a voice that is anything but Swedish:

“Jimmy [sic] Akesson, immediately resign from the election! Your days are numbered! If you think a few votes can give you the power to decide over us who are faithful to Allah, you will have to think again! We will cut your head off if you have not stepped down from the election by the end of the week, if you decide to hide with your tail between your legs, you will gladly see how we decapitate Nils!” [Akesson’s 4 year old son.]

The letter continues in its ominous tone to shatter what the Swedes have many words for—the highly neurotic internal dialectic that revolves around an obsession with racism and with what the Swedes call “sjalvbild.” (Self Image.)

“To all of you non-believers who think that Islam-hater Jimmy Akesson is your salvation, you have not seen the eternal fires of hell. ALLAH will bear witness to your suffering!”

The letter, which closes with a known ISIS chant in Arabic, is being investigated by Swedish secret police, “Sapo,” while Akesson continues to campaign and make public appearances.

The clean-cut, 39 year old leader of Sweden’s most mainstream of its two anti-immigration parties, is expected to get at least 20 percent of the nation’s votes. He was interviewed at an event after news of the death threat broke.

The Swedish interviewer asked him how it “felt” to be out in public with such a threat hanging over him. Akesson replied that of course it didn’t feel great, but he was happy his wife and child were safe and not with him. The interviewer then asked him “How do you explain something like this to a four-year-old child?”

“You don’t,” he replied.

Adding insult to horror, a well known sports anchor for national channel TV4, Christer Eriksson, Tweeted in apparent empathy with the ISIS terrorists, sneering: “Skyll dig sjalv–” Swedish for, “Blame yourself,” and tearing into Akesson for the now well-worn accusations of racism and Nazism.

Eriksson deleted his Twitter page, but TV4 made no statement about whether he would keep his job, or be disciplined in any way.

In 2017 Swedish national radio reported that Sapo had idenfitied 3,000 Islamic extremists in Sweden.