Leader of Quebec’s Third Party says Peladeau Already Hurting Investment

May 20, 2015 Updated: May 20, 2015

QUEBEC—The leader of the Coalition for Quebec’s Future believes the perception that Pierre Karl Peladeau could become the next premier is already hurting private investments in the province.

Francois Legault says the new Parti Quebecois leader’s plan for sovereignty is causing uncertainty in financial markets and discouraging investors.

During question period in the national assembly, Premier Philippe Couillard repeated that the independence project is a source of instability in Quebec.

At an earlier meeting with his caucus, Peladeau maintained that the departure of head offices from Quebec has nothing to do with sovereignty.

The PQ leader said linking sovereignty with economic instability is merely a diversion used by the governing Liberals.

But Legault told reporters that Peladeau is already having a negative effect on investments.
He said even if he considers it improbable, there’s a possibility Peladeau could be in power in three and a half years after the election in the fall of 2018.

Legault said financial markets are nervous and don’t like uncertainty.