Lata Mangeshkar Dead? Nope, Indian Singer Refutes Death Rumors

March 27, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Lata Mangeshkar is not dead, despite rumors about her death circulating on Twitter.

Rumors appeared to start after people misconstrued a tweet by Mangeshkar in which she described working with Nanda and being saddened by her friend’s death.

People began saying that Mangeshkar died of a heart attack when in fact that’s how Nanda died.

Mangeshkar took to Twitter again to dispel the rumors.

“There are rumors regarding my health. But thanks to your wishes, I am fine,” she said. 

TV star Smriti Irani added: “As a family friend all I can say is that @mangeshkarlata didi is hale, hearty, in great spirits n laughing off romours.”

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