Large Snake Spotted in Maine, Police Warn

June 30, 2016 Updated: June 30, 2016

A giant snake ate a beaver and then swam across a river where kids play, police in a small town in Maine have announced.

The snake, described as being at least 10 feet in length, was spotted eating the animal on a riverbank in Westbrook, Maine, early on Wednesday, the Westbrook Police Department said. “Officer on patrol in the area of Riverbank Park observed a large snake on the riverbank in the area of Speirs Street,” the department said.

“The snake was eating a large mammal, possibly a beaver (not joking),” officials said, adding the snake had a head the “size of a small ball.”

Later, a second officer arrived and they saw it “swim across the river to the Brown Street side of the Presumpscot River where it disappeared in the thick underbrush.”

The Main Warden Service told the department that they expect it to remain dormant for several days as it just ate a big meal.

The department said the snake was named “Wessie” or the “Presumpscot Python.”

“Obviously this is not an animal indigenous to Maine, so one would assume it was released. Perhaps some recall the viper located on a Saco pedestrian trail back in 2010,” the department said in a previous update, referring to a report from the Portland Press-Herald about a deadly African viper that was spotted in the area a few years ago.

“Should anyone observe the snake please give us a call and do not attempt to capture it yourself,” officials cautioned.

After news of the snake spread, the public chimed in. One person even created a fake Twitter account for the Wessie snake.