Lakers Rumors, News 2014: Latest on Jeremy Lin, Julius Randle, Eric Bledsoe

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a busy offseason and fans are looking forward to seeing how all the different pieces mesh with Kobe Bryant.

Jeremy Lin is one of the biggest additions and many experts believe that he’ll do well.

“I’m a big Jeremy Lin fan. I met him during his final season at Harvard and I wrote about him a number of times early in his career (when he was going through the pre-draft process and playing for the Warriors). I never thought he would blow up like he did with the Knicks, but I’m happy he did because he’s a great guy,” wrote Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders.

“I think he could have a good season in Los Angeles. He should get the chance to start again and I think he’ll get more touches than he did in Houston. Also, he shouldn’t have as much pressure on him anymore since the crazy expectations have been lowered a little bit in recent years. Coming off of Linsanity in NY, people were expecting him to be a superstar and I think that was unrealistic. In Los Angeles, I think he’ll put up good numbers and surprise some people. He has received a ton of criticism over the past two years, to the point that he has become somewhat underrated. I think he’ll do well and playing in L.A. will certainly help his brand since he’ll get a lot of exposure and be on national TV a lot.”

Another new piece of the Lakers–Julius Randle–is the subject of trade speculation, as it was announced this week that the Phoenix Suns do want to trade Eric Bledsoe.

The restricted free agent reportedly rejected the Suns offer of four years and $48 million.

Rant Sports notes that the most popular rumored landing spot is with the Lakers, with some indicating that the Suns want Randle and a first-round pick for Bledsoe.

“This proposed swap will no doubt get Lakers fans talking, because some feel that Randle has a very bright future. But at the same time, the Lakers could use a PG the caliber of Bledsoe, specifically on the defensive side of the ball,” it reported.

“Carlos Boozer currently pencils into the starting No. 4 spot in L.A., and you have to wonder if the Lakers are willing to re-sign the 32-year old long-term. If they feel like he’s got a good amount of gas left in the tank, they could opt to go with him at PF and bring on Bledsoe.”

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