‘Labour Party Wants to Introduce Pet Tax’ Report isn’t Real

A viral post claiming the U.K.’s Labour Party wants to introduce a “pet tax” isn’t real.

The article is posted on the blog The Daily Bale, which is known to make fake claims.

“With the 2015 general election fast approaching, the daily bale has been investigating claims that a labour party government would introduce a radical new ‘Pet tax’ to British households,” it reads

“If you think living under the cuts made by the conservative/liberal government is bad then think again. Socialist and anti-Britain advocator, Ed Milliband wants to tax you for owning a pet.”

However, there’s currently no proposals to introduce such a tax, which would levy a fee of 50 pounds per dog and 40 pounds per cat.

The website has posted fake news stories in the past, including one of a fake missing child poster that said an “Asian grooming gang” was responsible. It also said that an Asian young person punched a baby, which also wasn’t true.