Kung Fu Master Demonstrates Legendary Technique

March 7, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015
A man practicing the ancient Chinese art of kung fu. (China Photos/Getty Images)
A man practicing the ancient Chinese art of kung fu. (China Photos/Getty Images)

The pressure point technique is one of the most mysterious techniques in China’s many martial arts legends. In martial arts fictions, Kung Fu masters can disable, injure or even kill people by finger pressing certain points on the adversary’s body. Does this combat technique exist in real life? Yes! A man named Cai Yujian is found to be proficient at the technique.

Cai apprenticed with a monk of Shaolin Monastery, China’s famous mecca of martial arts. After decades of rigorous training he finally mastered the pressure point technique. Later he retired from the martial arts world and started a secular life as a businessman.  Now few people know him as a Kung Fu master.

According to the Chinese newspaper Dahe, Cai is now an entrepreneur of a Hong Kong based technology firm. On Feb. 21, Cai was invited to demonstrate his pressure point technique. When he quickly touched the reporter’s right ribs with his left fingers, the reporter was suddenly subdued by an acute pain in his right ribs and abdominal region accompanied by intense feelings in his internal organs and intestines.

The reporter later remarked that it felt like his organs were being pressed together. The pain was soon followed by full paralysis and difficulty breathing. When attempting to scream, the reporter was only able to get two words out. He then tried to move his arms to ease the pain, but instead it came on with more intensity.

Cai then began to quickly slap the reporter’s shoulders, armpits and upper back while asking him to stoop his body and exhale. In a few moments, the pain disappeared from the reporter almost as if it never happened.

Even more amazingly, in a second the area struck by Cai’s palm did not hurt at all.

“If I didn’t release you in a minute, you would be paralyzed,” explained Cai. “In five minutes, there would be significant brain damage.”

He said that the Shaolin Pressure Point Palm Technique is purely a hand-to-hand combat technique. The acupuncture points exploited belong to the system of the 36 major points. If these points were not released after being struck by this technique, major harm would be inflicted to the human body.

Cai further remarked that although the opponent feels unbearable pain in his whole body when being struck by this technique, modern medicine will be unable to detect the cause of it.

According to Cai, pressure point palm techniques is most powerful with gentle touches, unlike other combat forms that depend on strength, so deadly attacks from real masters of this technique are hardly detectable. The person attacked feels nothing at first, but the pain could manifest slowly for several weeks before reaching full intensity. For this reason, most practitioners of the technique are extremely cautious with hand touches with other people.

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