Korean Tour: Lovely Busan

By Hallyu World, hallyuworldofficial.com
November 18, 2014 Updated: December 1, 2014

What’s most memorable about Busan? Is it Haeundae Beach, the biggest port in Korea, or the Busan International Film Festival? To me, it’s the unique Busan accent, beautiful people, and fresh seafood.

Most of Busan is covered by mountain, thus most of the houses are built on these slopes. If you look closely, you will see that the houses are build in a very organized way: the houses in front are lower than the houses behind, giving the impression of ascending up steps.

In Busan, you will also come across many scenery familiar from Korean film and TV as the scenic city is often used a backdrop.

Busan and Shanghai established diplomatic ties as early as 1884. Thus Chinatown in Busan is also known as Shanghai Street. You will be surprised to see how clean the streets really are. 

For most tourists, Yongdusan Park in Busan is a must visit destination. The best place in the park is the Busan Tower which gives you a 360 degree panoramic view of Busan. This tower is in fact the second highest lighthouse in the world. 

A lot of films and TV dramas have been recorded at Busan’s famous Haeundae Beach. The beach is also fittingly the location of Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)  venues and activities. 

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