Korean Style Lunar New Year

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February 21, 2015 Updated: February 21, 2015

Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year as the biggest holiday just the same way as Chinese do. It is considered as an important holiday. The celebration goes on for 2-3 days, unlike the Chinese New Year which is much longer. 

So how do Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year?

A lot of emphasis is put on in worshiping the ancestors. They usually get up early in the morning, wear beautiful hanboks and perform the ceremony.

Later, relatives, and family members wish each other well for the New Year, and eat a feast together. 

What does a New Year feast include?  The ‘Rice Cake Soup’ is something that cannot be missed. They usually consider themselves a year older after eating this dish on New Year’s Day. Various pancakes are also a part of the feast, and with all the different ingredients they look, smell, and taste good. These are also very easy to make.

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