Korean Drama: Kill Me, Heal Me

By Hallyu World, hallyuworldofficial.com
September 18, 2015 Updated: September 18, 2015

With popular stars such as Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-eum, and Park Seo-joon, who could miss the popular MBC drama “Kill Me, Heal Me”?

The drama is written by the script writer of “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” Jin Soo-wan.

The theme focuses around a protagonist who has seven different personalities. He tries to regain control over his life with the help, and love, of a first-year psychiatry resident. This particular theme has been popular not only in this drama, but recently in many others as well, and is becoming a hot topic in Korea. 

Let’s go behind the scenes of this drama, and see who these seven different personalities are and how the protagonist deals with all of them.

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