Kobe Bryant: Bald Head Costs $800 to Groom, Report Claims

January 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Kobe Bryant’s shaved head reportedly cost more than $800 to groom in a commercial shoot.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ said it acquired an invoice from LA Sports Arena earlier this month that said has a charge that said, “GROOMING SERVICE FOR KOBE BRYANT.”

The base charge was $725 and with the 15 percent tip, it came out to a cost of $833.

Nike footed the bill for Bryant, who reportedly refuses to wear makeup on set.

“Kobe doesn’t typically wear makeup during the shoots, so the grooming would be primarily for hair,” a representative for Nike told the website.

In a recent speech to young people in Southern California, Bryant said that it’s fine to be part of a healthy competitive environment when you’re young.

“There’s a lot of people out there who don’t believe in having healthy competition,” Bryant said, according to ESPN. “I think we have to make it enjoyable and for kids to understand that there’s a certain spirit of competition that’s fun. It’s not nasty, it’s not aggressive, it’s just fun competition, and I think when you have that kids will go out and enjoy themselves. They’ll pick up their activity instead of just plopping down in front of the TV.”

Bryant continued in saying that it’s essential for kids to play sports or engage in physical activity.

“It’s hard to tell a kid that you need to get out there and compete because it’s going to decrease your chance of having diabetes 30-40 years from now,” Bryant added. “No kid wants to hear that. As a kid growing up, it was fun trash talking with your buddies and competing with your friends. That’s what made getting out and being active fun. I certainly wasn’t thinking about health issues 30-40 years from now.

He added: “We have to promote to them that it’s OK to be competitive. I think we’ve gone in the completely opposite direction of saying, ‘Everybody is a winner, you come in 10th place and you still get a trophy.’ I think it’s more fun when kids actually compete and they understand who finished 1-2-3. If I’m third, the person that’s first is probably going to be talking trash and it’s going to motivate me to be No. 1. But it’s all in a very good-hearted way.”