Video: Koala Sneaks Into Car, Enjoys Cool Air Inside and Refuses to Leave

April 22, 2019 Updated: April 22, 2019

Vineyards typically bring to mind relaxation, vacations, and delicious wine tasting. For one man his trip to the vineyard is about to become memorable for a completely different reason than he originally expected. Near Adelaide, in Australia, the weather has gotten exceptionally hot and an overheated koala is ready to take advantage of an open car door and a blasting AC unit.

While visiting the vineyard, the owner of the car brought along his dog. The owner, Tim, left his car doors open so that his dog could move in and out of the car and find a way to escape the heat. A friendly koala quickly makes his way into the car, undeterred by the noisy dog and absolutely refusing to leave the coolness of the car for the excessive heat of Australia.

Tim offers the koala a cool drink of water and tries to desperately get the animal out of his car without causing him harm. From coaxing him with the cool water, to even asking politely for the animal to just leave his car. The koala refuses to budge and instead crawls slowly throughout the car and up onto the dash, leaving Tim with little choice but to gently picked up the animal by the back fur and placing the koala outside of his car.

Not happy about the returning heat, the koala quickly runs for the shade provided by nearby trees and Tim and his dog can continue on their daily adventure.

Credit: Tim Whitrow | Facebook